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Category: "Salsa"

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Aztec Salsa (Roasted Corn and Black Bean)Delicious roasted corn and black beans make this salsa a meal! Great with chips, tacos, eggs, hamburgers, hot dogs, or a topper to any meal.

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Mango SalsaA gorgeous salsa just like homemade with loads of sunny mangoes, jalapenos, fresh garlic, sweet onions, and Roma tomatoes highlighted with fresh ginger, fresh cilantro, and aged Balsamic vinegar. Great with chips, or as a side condiment with seafood, chicken, or pork.

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Cranberry Pecan SalsaAn extra special salsa loaded with cranberries and pecans in a Balsamic vinegar base with a twist of Orange and a little jalapeno and a wisp of smoky chipotle. Great "straight up" or with cream cheese to serve with chips and crackers, also delicious as a condiment alongside poultry or pork.

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